Many students prefer coursework to exams, majorly because of the time allocated to the former – thus enabling one to display their ability without the pressure of time. A course work is a task done by students of a particular course, which in most cases involves research in the same course, which will be assessed and marked for the overall grade of their course. However, coursework varies from one course to another. For instance, a student taking a language course would have a totally different coursework from one taking a geography course. The former would mostly dwell in writing while the latter would be required to collect, analyze, and record information concerning a certain type of data. Nonetheless, most coursework takes the form of written assignment, that adds up to the final grade of the student. No matter the type of coursework you are assigned, Our Expert Writers are on standby mode to help you get an A+.

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How TO Write A Coursework

A coursework can be completed from home, but sometimes, it needs to be done under the discretion of the tutors in school – hence completed under supervised conditions. Nevertheless, here are guidelines to write a flawless and an impeccable coursework assignment.

  • Choose an interesting topic

  • Planning for the Coursework

  • Research on the topic

  • Develop a Structure

  • Write the final draft

  • Finalize your coursework

  1. Choose an Interesting Topic

While choosing a topic, it is prudent to not choose an interesting topic but also that which will spark enthusiasm to you as you write. While you work through your course, there are several topics that you would find interesting to write and research about. However, do not choose a wide and vague topic since it only reduces the possibility of having a precise thesis statement. If you are struggling to settle on a topic, consult with your instructor or check out these amazing topics.

  1. Planning for the Coursework

One thing most students do is to wait till the last minute in order for them to do a coursework assignment, don’t be most students! Even if this method works for you all the time, it always guarantee mediocre grades and average performance in the overall course. Check out the deadline for the assignment and integrate the same with the content of your paper, in order to find out how much work you should do in a certain amount of time. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

  1. Develop a Structure

Most coursework assignments take the form of a research structure. However, develop a structure that is captures all the aspects of your research, writing down all the topics and subtopics. If you have a problem with the structure of your work, you can get assistance from your instructor. Write down your first draft in the structure developed.

  1. Write the Final Draft

This is one of the easiest part as you only expound on the first draft. Use the right vocabulary as pertained to your course and attract the reader with your diction. Ensure you adhere to the word count and ensure citations (with their appropriate references) where necessary.

  1. Finalize Your Coursework

Finally, ensure your writing is top-notch and flawless in every aspect. Double check your work and pass it through grammar checkers like grammarly. Ensure that all supporting materials are attached at the reference page and format your work according to the writing style given. Lastly, proofread to ensure that your data is consistent and credible.

Common Rules in Coursework Writing

  • No plagiarism

  • Abide by the word limits

  • No assistance from tutor or students unless it’s a group task

  • Chose a topic appropriate for the course

You are good to go with your coursework. Remember, if you are stuck, just let us know here and we will always help out – despite the pressing deadline. Talk to us, we listen!

Coursework Writing Sample




4 Pages

Russian Culture and Traditions

Paper Instructions from customer

  • Write a 4-page paper about Russian culture and traditions.

    Present a brief introduction, presenting general information. Make sure the introduction keeps your paper together and attracts the attention of the reader.

Please, cover these topics by putting it in bold in the main body:

  • Topic 1. The perception of home in Russian culture
  • Topic 2. Effects of Western culture on Russians
  • Topic 3. Russians and religion
  • Topic 4. The influence of Dostoevsky on Russian culture
  • Topic 5. Stereotypes about Russians in media

Sum up your paper with a 2-3 sentence conclusion.

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