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When applying to a college or a job application, detaching yourself from the numerous applicants and making yourself unique is quite eminent. Whether a personal statement is used with a CV or in a college application letter, its purpose stands – to sell yourself uniquely to the reader or the application board. Writing a personal statement is often stressful and challenging for anyone, no matter the achievements of the individuals. It is for the same reason that we exist – to help you with any sort of assignments and make sure the best of you is showcased. Nonetheless, we will ensure that you can come up with your own extraordinary personal statement by guiding you through the whole process.

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How to Write a Personal Statement Essay

Writing a personal statement gives you the opportunity to present yourself in a manner that your admission essay could not. Therefore, it is eminent to make the best out of every aspect of this guideline in order to ensure that you’ve showcased your exact yet the best nature:

  • Research on the program

  • Analyze and understand the question(s)

  • Answer personal inventory questions

  • Develop a structure

  • Write the personal statement

  • Edit and finalize

  1. Research on the Program

A personal statement is supposed to be part of your application – especially in a university course/program. The statement should showcase your reasons and needs to study the course as well as what you hope to achieve from the same. Therefore, it is quite imperative to research and understand the program to which you are applying. You need to understand how the course is delivered as well as the objectives of the program. This knowledge will help you understand how the course will fit your skillset and what you will achieve from it.

  1. Analyze and Understand the Question(s)

Pay close attention to the instructions given for the personal statement as it will be the basis through which the admission board will know you personally. Failing to follow instruction can often mean immediate disqualification since there are many other applicants with the same qualifications but with the advantage of following instructions. Therefore, it is important to read and understand all the questions/instructions and incorporate them within your paper.

  1. Answer Personal Inventory Questions

Any personal statement should include several personal aspects that define who you are, your ambitions, and interests. Personal inventory questions help in revealing who you are to yourself, before you make the same revelation to others. What is more, personal inventory questions may help you plan on your personal statement. Such questions that you ought to ask yourself include;

  • What makes you different from the rest of the applicants? (experience)

  • What attracts you to the course of your choice?

  • Why do you want to study the course and how will it help you?

  • How does the course fit and improve your skills?

  • What do you aspire to achieve from the course?

  • How will you contribute to the society with the knowledge from the program?

  1. Develop a Structure

Before embarking on writing, develop a structure that will guide your ideas and facilitate logical flow of ideas. Compare your thoughts and assess them against the instructions and requirements of the paper. Thereafter, decide where each idea will fall – thus developing your structure. Developing a structure will also ensure that you organize your thoughts elaborately and you have a rough idea of what you will include in your personal statement as you discard unnecessary ideas.

  1. Write the Personal Statement

Now that you have an elaborate structure, you can start writing the personal statement. Ensure that you remain in context while following all the instructions. While writing your personal statement ensure you should include;

  • An interesting introduction

  • Compelling reason you want to study the course

  • Relevant study or experience

  • Key skills relating to the course

  • What makes you stand out

  • Experience(s) relating to the course

  • What you expect from the course

  • Your aspirations in the same career

Your language should be positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic in order to appeal to the admitting board. Be honest and do not include strengths and skills you are not well acquainted with.

  1. Edit and Finalize

Lastly, ensure that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling is impeccable and flawless. Avoid long sentences and extravagant claims. Go through your work and ensure there is flaw in ideology – just like you intended it to be. Read the statement out loud severally and ask another person to go through it. If you are stuck at this or any other point within your personal statement, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide top-notch writing with a pocket-friendly price that will appease to any admitting board. Order such a paper with us and live your dreams. All the best!

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