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PowerPoint presentations are not quite a common task in the daily lives of students. This might be one of the major reasons students struggle with such assignments. However, PowerPoint presentations are quite eminent both in the academic and corporate world – and therefore a great tool in the arsenal of any student. Mind you, composing a presentation is not the same as writing a research paper or an essay. The essentiality of PowerPoint presentations is to enable students to master the software and words to illustrate important points. We acknowledge that these kind of assignments can often be frustrating to students – especially those who have never handled such an assignment. We have a professional team of writers who are well engraved with the skills of PowerPoint presentations and other forms of presentations, who will help you score the best grade with no effort from your side. Order a PowerPoint presentation with us and you will never be disappointed. Nonetheless, this blog will guide you through the process of composing a professional PowerPoint presentation.

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A PowerPoint Presentation is often used to accompany an oral presentation that enhances the presentation. Therefore, they should be followed by texts, images, as well as graphs and tables. Since the presentation serves to accompany an oral presentation, it should only have important points that will be elaborated by the speaker. Images can be used to illustrate the main points as graphs and tables are used to illustrate numerical figures in a simpler way.

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How to Compose a PowerPoint Presentation

Before beginning this process, ensure that you’ve read and understood all the requirements of the presentation. Remember, you might have the best presentation but once it does not follow the instructor’s instructions, it is doomed to failure.

  1. Research the topic

  2. Develop a thesis

  3. Point out important points

  4. Create an outline

  5. Choose an engaging template

  6. Start writing

  7. Edit and Finish

  1. Research the topic

In most cases, students are often given topics to write on. However, whenever you have the liberty to choose a topic, ensure you are well knowledgeable in the topic and that you are passionate about it. Thus will help you dig out information about the topic easily. Look for a wide range of information through various sources, both online and offline. Note down important aspects of the topic as you go through your sources. Also, do not forget to note down all your sources as you will be citing them.

  1. Develop a thesis

A thesis basically gives your presentation a direction. Your thesis should be specific, debatable, and relevant in your academic field. The thesis should present an argument that you shall spend the rest of the presentation proving.

  1. Point out important points

Having have done a thorough research, jot down all important points that will elaborate your thesis. Note down all important points in a manner that you can explain on your own. One way of doing this is brainstorming all possible points and figuring out if you can expound on them.

  1. Create an outline

Creating an outline is a very important aspect in PowerPoint presentation. Much like writing a research paper, a presentation should show a flow of ideas – which can be achieved by creating and following an outline. This will help you in arranging your ideas and important points in a certain order that will influence the understanding of the presentation. Ensure you follow the simple format of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Choose an engaging template

This is a very important part of PowerPoint presentation; you need to choose a template that is not only up-to-date but is also engaging in its appearance. In many cases, using a template that has been overused reduces the audience’s interest in the presentation. Avoid overused and obvious templates. PowerPoint always updates their templates; find one that suits your audience and presentation. An engaging template is that which espouses the topic; for instance, a presentation involving electrical topic would do well with an electrical circuit template available in PowerPoint.

  1. Start writing

Having a template and the outline of the presentation at hand, you can now start the writing process. Start the presentation in a strong and interesting manner with the most important point being the first. The introduction of the presentation should be both informative and engaging at the same time to spark debate in the mind of the audience. Create a compelling hook that will keep your listeners concentrating as they wish to continue listening. Use relevant graphics at appropriate sections and avoid overusing them.

  1. Edit and Finish

Finally, format your presentation to suit the specifications of your instructor. Proofread your task and eliminate errors in grammar and structure. Keep your presentation simple and attractive to the eye. Remember, the presentation only serves to supplement your oral presentation, which will elaborate points in detail.

Important Points to Note

When writing a presentation, here are important things you need;

  • Choose a single background for the entire presentation

  • Keep it simple

  • Limit text and bullet points

  • Use direct, concise language

  • Limit transition animations

  • Use high quality graphics and images

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