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Mistakes and typos not only look unprofessional, but can also fail to convey the intended message in any piece of writing – making proofreading an imperative part of writing. If you have ever applied for a job via a letter and you reread your letter only to find typos and other errors, then you must understand how exasperating it is when you can no longer fix the errors. In as much as proofreading one’s own task can be difficult, the skill can be taught and learnt – which is the aim of this post. Nonetheless, our experts are committed to help you proofread your own work and remove those unseen errors within your task. Just order a paper with us and be amongst many clients who have been satisfied with our services.

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Proofreading Vs. Editing

Editing majorly involves checking whether the paper is well-organized, there is a smooth transition between paragraphs, the content is as intended, the structure and style is good, and the writing is clear. On the other hand, proofreading focuses on the surface errors such as misspelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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Guidelines to Proofreading Your Work

Proofreading is an important part of writing any paper; whether it is an assignment, a mail, a memo, a resume, or even a research paper. Bellow is a guideline to proofreading your work to perfection.

  • Allow time between writing and proofreading

  • Print out your work for proofreading

  • Read out loud and slowly

  • Pay attention to your common mistakes

  • Read backwards

  • Pay attention to commonly mistaken words

  • Re-read

  1. Allow time between writing and proofreading

Just like before editing a paper, you need to allow yourself some time between writing and proofreading so as to approach it with a fresh mind. In most cases, proofreading immediately will disguise most mistakes as your mind will autocorrect some errors as you go through your work.

  1. Print out your work for proofreading

One of the biggest secrets of proofreading is printing out the work and going through it with the help of a pen and paper. While we are used to reading on the screen every other day, proofreading is effective when done on a printed-paper so that you can circle each mistake and analyze your common mistakes. Moreover, you will also spot errors easily on a printed-paper than on a computer screen while you can also compare paragraph lengths more straightforwardly.

  1. Read out loud and slowly

Now read your printed work aloud but slowly. This will help you identify and mark areas that read awkwardly or do not make sense. What is more, you also get to hear your own paper from the perspective of the audience as you overhear what they will listen to when they go through your paper. Ensure you mark every part that does not make sense or those that read gracelessly.

  1. Pay attention to your common mistakes

Note down the errors that you commonly make. This will help you whenever proofreading other writings that you make in the future. Circle and note down every word that you tend to misspell as well as grammatical errors that you often overlook.

  1. Read backwards

Since most of the times your brain automatically autocorrects certain mistakes that you make as you go through your paper from introduction to conclusion, it is advisable that you read your paper backwards so that you can spot certain mistakes that your brain automatically ignores. What is more, we often have a keen look on our writings when proofreading the introduction but the enthusiasm peters out as we head towards conclusion.

  1.  Pay attention to commonly mistaken words

Pay special attention to words that have the same sound but different spellings and different meanings, most of these words are often misused. Such words include;

  • There, their, and they’re

  • Your and you’re

  • Affect and effect

  • Its and it’s etc…

  1. Re-read

Finally, revise your work after spotting the errors and re-read it again after making the changes. It is quite difficult to catch all the errors in a single sitting. It is often encouraged to go through your work at least three times.

Proofreading is often not an easy part of writing since it is hard to catch your own mistakes. Lucky enough, we have experts who can do the same for you at pocket-friendly prices. Order a proofreading service with us and we shall never disappoint. We deal in every form of writing, from theses and dissertations to a simple memo and letter. Remember, we are just a click away.

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