At one point or another, anyone is faced with a task of giving a speech to an audience. It doesn’t matter whether the said individual is a student or a professional, but the experience frightens pretty much everyone. Therefore, it is eminent for the speaker to take time and prepare for the speech/presentation in order to prevent quandaries related to presentations such as nervousness and fear. Whether you are a student or a professional, we have an elaborate writing system that will suit your exact need and ensure you have the best speech and presentation. Nonetheless, this article will take you through the process of writing a speech and delivering the best out of it.

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Help with speech writing

Speech writing is the method of conveying a thought or message to a reader using the correct punctuation and expression. Speech writing isn’t much different from any other form of narrative writing. However, there are some different punctuation and writing structure techniques that students should understand.

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How to Write a Speech & Presentation

This guideline has two major parts; (a) Speech writing (b) Speech delivery/presentation

  • Speech writing

  • Research your audience

  • Choose an interesting topic

  • Research and understand your topic

  • Prepare an outline for your speech/presentation

  • Select a presentation tool

  • Write the speech/presentation

  • Speech delivery/Presentation

  • Make eye contact

  • Be articulate

  • Engage the audience actively

  • Be time conscious

Speech Writing

  1. Research your audience

In writing any type of speech, the audience play the most important role of listening – without them, there is no need for a speech. Therefore, it is important for the speaker to understand the audience. Ask yourself questions that will help you understand the audience very well, for instance;

  • What are the needs of the audience?

  • How will I help them to solve?

  • How long should I address them?

  • Is my speech going to help them?

  1. Choose and interesting topic

In most cases, speakers are given a theme to talk about – giving them the opportunity to choose their topic. After knowing your audience, choosing a topic that suits them is quite easy. Your topic should put your audience’s specifics into consideration.

  1. Research and understand your topic

Understand every aspect of your topic by researching sources concerned with the topics. This is important as questions concerning some parts of your speech may arise and you need to be able to answer them correctly. Pay attention to other speeches around the same topic and identify what is important.

  1. Prepare an outline for your speech

Preparing a speech outline is important in organizing your speech and your content, which ensures a smooth flow in your presentation. Here is an elite way of developing a great speech outline;

  1. Select a presentation tool (for presentations)

If you are making a presentation, select a presentation tool that works for you. You can use professional tools such as Power point, google slides, or Prezi presentation. Select a template from the presentation tool and start putting your ideas down.

  1. Write the speech

Once you are done with the steps above, you are ready to now write your speech. Important point to note while writing the speech;

  • Follow the outline of your paper

  • Use a conversational tone through-out your paper

  • Be specific in your point delivery

  • For presentations, use speaker notes.

  1. Speech Delivery

  1. Make eye contact

Looking at the audience as you speak connects you to your listeners thus improving the delivery of your message. It is not advisable to read your speech, but rather understand each section of your presentation and recite the information out.

  1. Be articulate

Even if you have the best speech but you are not articulate enough, your message will not be taken home. Be loud enough, and observe tonal variation – which makes your presentation exciting.

  1. Engage the audience actively

Engaging the audience is very important to keeping them concentrated – thus it involves various techniques. The video bellow will give you tips on how to effectively involve your audience.

  1. Be time conscious

Anyone who has been in a speech knows that time is a very important factor in speech delivery. Remember, too little is just as bad as too much – it is important to utilize the time you were assigned to the fullest.

Now you are ready to write and give a speech in an effective and a spectacular manner. In case you need assistance with speech writing, our expert writers will help you with the same. Whether it is a homework speech or a professional one. Goodluck!

Speech Sample




4 Pages

TV Advertising Spots Are Dishonest

Paper Instructions from customer

  • Prepare the presentation, supporting the idea: “TV advertising spots are dishonest.” It should be at least 2 pages long.
  • Point out the secret messages and hidden persuaders in well-known commercials. Write a full preparation outline as though you were giving a 5-6 minute informative speech.
  • You will need examples, statistics, and other means of supporting your ideas.
  • Attach an MLA formatted bibliography with at least 5 sources of information.

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